Videos & FAQ - Quadraplex Quatro Mud Pump

Smoothest discharge
What are the advantages of the "Quatro?"
23-minute fluid module change-out
Quatro 1800 HP
How does White Star achieve the "Quatro's" incredibly smooth discharge?
Materials used
Fluid module replacement
Superior crosshead design
40,000lbs for a field ready 1600HP "Quatro?"
On the Quatro's two pulsation dampeners
What are the advantages of two suction desurgers?
More on 1000-1600 HP Trailer-mounted "Quatro"
Trailerized Hydraulic start up procedure
Quatro running at high SPM and Pressure
Across the range interchangeable parts
What is the data package?
Where will I get replacement parts?
Can I get a mechanical or electrical drive "Quatro?"
Where are White Star Pumps made?
Does it cost more to run a Quatro?
Across the range interchangeable parts
The Quatro mud pump uses reinforced panels that run form the bulk head to the main bearings and does not rely on the frame for strength like a traditional Triplex. This Allows the Quatro mud pump to use similar frame geometry and identical internal parts from 1000-1600HP models. In the larger horsepower models we add to the reinforced panels to carry the increased load. As a Drilling contractor you will be able to stock many less parts to support all of your pumps from 1000-1600 HP. If your company only used the Quatro your stock of expendables and replacement mud pump parts would be a fraction of what it is today.
What is the data package?

The data package is another of White Star’s major advancement to the drilling industry. The quadraplex Quatro mud pump can be equipped with a smart safety alarm system. The White Star data system is designed to detect and warn the operator of problems and maintenance issues that arise from time to time. A touchscreen display allows the operator to closely monitor all aspects of the mud pump system. Temperature sensors monitor all bearings, crosshead guides, motors and pumps for excessive generation of heat. Pressure and flow sensors monitor pump functions very closely and will inform the operator of any deviations from the norm. The White Star Pump data acquisition and alarm system will reduce pump downtime and maintenance costs for the operator and will easily pay for itself in the long term. In summary, the White Star safety alarm system will detect abnormal mud pump behaviors and warn the operator that there is a potential problem that needs their attention. It is the operator’s responsibility to then investigate the problem. The White Star Pump alarm system is a warning system for the pump operator and will not stop pump operations. The Data Package can also be monitored remotely.ClICK HERE for a screen shot of the data acquisition and alarm monitor.

Where will I get replacement parts?
White Star will carry all mud pump parts in stock and if multiple mud pumps are operating in a given area we will keep replacement parts in the region.
Can I get a mechanical or electrical drive "Quatro?"
Yes, The White Star Quatro mud pump can be unitized in all the traditional manners and some new ones as well, where size and weight have been an issue including the highly mobil trailerized “Quatro-H”. The “Quatro’s” 40,000 lbs weight and narrow 82″width unitized may solve many unitization and transport issues your company faces in this ever more challenging drilling environment.
Where are White Star Pumps made?
North America. Both the White Star triplex and the revolutionary Quatro mud pumps are made in either Edmonton Canada or Houston Texas. At White Star we have built our business around providing the finest pumps available today and we invite your company to have someone sit in, on the final assembly of your mud pumps.
Does it cost more to run a Quatro?
No. You will save money running Quatro mud pumps. There are many cost saving advantages with running a Quatro.
Stocking parts
Companies of all sizes will cut down on the number of mud pump parts needed on hand and will save thousands in overhead and hassle.
Save on Diesel
With the “Quatro’s” 1108 GPM flow rate there will be many times when you can use one less mud pump. By running 1 less engine you will save at least 5000 gallons of diesel every year and countless engine hours.
Save on maintenance
It costs thousands of dollars in shop time and man hours to rebuild inferior mud pumps. These added costs skyrocket when you have to rebuild the pump before it goes into the field. How much time and money is wasted chasing down inconsistent parts and dealing with inferior part malfunctions. Over the life of the pump you will save thousands by reducing the number of critical part failures..
Detroit Engines
Save thousands each year by choosing to run a more fuel efficient detroit engine to power your White Star Quatro mud pump
Increased drilling time.

With two Quatro’s set up with the correct liner size, you will often be able to drill an entire well with out changing liners while having both the flow rate at top hole and the pressure needed for completion.

Directional Drilling

The Quatro mud pump’s incredibly smooth discharge will improve telemetry in all directional drilling applications. There is simply no match for the “Quatros” smooth flow. This is something we encourage you to see for your self at one of our Demos.